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Win tickets to 2016 UEFA European Championships with Continental Tyres!!

We are blooming loving what we can do with Google Street View at the moment. First One Direction's Made in the AM Virtual Room and now an awesome journey to the 2016 UEFA European Championships with Continental Tyres.

The Brucey Bonus to our 'Getting to the Game Safely' site for Continental is that you can win free tickets to the match as well as see an awesome little video made just for you...

Jump in the car with ex-England goalie David James, allow us to grab your location or stick in your postcode (or Rick Astley's, or David James's or anyone else in the UK) and watch how you get to the game safely with Continental Tyres. Then guess how many miles you've travelled for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the UEFA European Championships!

Our clever monkey developers have plotted hundreds of points along the way so you can see your whole personalized journey to the Stade de France (where we once chucked up an AwesomeWall).

Check it out. If you look really closely you can see Rick Astley's Mum waving us off on this one ;)

And be sure to visit the site for your chance to win those tickets!

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