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#WakeUpMeowMeow by sending in a text message

Client - Southbank Centre

Project - #WakeUpMeowMeow Interactive Installation

"It is like she is speaking just to me!"\
"How did she know my name?"

What they wanted

To promote Meow Meow’s Little Match Girl, they wanted to have some
interactivity on the side of their building at the heart of London’s
Southbank for a festive installation.

James Cowdery, approached us with the idea of people sending in an sms
to modify a video to present the person with a personalised festive

What we made

We built a simple web application that could be projected onto the side
of the building.

UsingTwiliofor the sms messaging.

The passer by sends in their name via text message.

The videos were automatically spliced together in the correct
arrangement using JavaScript.

Meow Meow, wakes up and presents a personalised festive wish. She then
goes back to sleep again.

The passer by then receives an SMS with a thank you message and a link
to buy tickets.

What worked?

  • The swear filter filtered out most of the swear words.
  • Some unusual swear words came through, they were quickly added to the moderation.
  • Client was pleased

What didn’t work?

  • They had issues with the original machine running the application.
  • We couldn’t catch *all* swear words, or offensive words.

What would be different next time?

  • Not much, it did the job, and did it well

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