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We are exploring the future of video with the BBC

Tinkering with technology is what we do. Making something innovative, imaginative, going where no man has gone before makes us as happy as cats at Christmas… oh man those Christmas trees!

Earlier in the year, the BBC got in touch. They had heard about Madeon’s Adventure Machine, Tinie Tempah’s Rap Demonstration, Basement Jaxx’s interactive video and our reputation for making Awesome Sh. They wanted to investigate how to develop perceptive media tailored to your personality and preferences. This sounded right up our Christmas Tree so we climbed on board.

The Visual Perceptive Media program collects data about the user from a mobile application. It uses information about your music preferences, age, gender and some personality traits to create a profile of the user. Based on that profile, the elements within the Visual Perceptive Media film will change. The order of scenes, soundtrack and cinematic effects will all be different depending upon your specific user profile and tailored to appeal to you.

So in the depths of the bat lab, we have delved into the 1s and 0s, explored the unknown and pushed electrons as fast as we could in an effort to add those baubles to the Christmas tree.

We will continue to shepherd the electrons into their stables and line up our code until we can get a prototype into the hands of the public so that you can experience the Visual Perceptive Media program and watch the film made just for you.

Read more about the project:

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