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Vineboard @ HackBmth

I’ve been fascinated with Vine ever since it was
launched in January. Vine, if you didn’t already know, lets you capture
and share short looping videos which can be up to 6 seconds long. Having
this 6 second limitation has squeezed no end of creativelovelinessfrom
people everywhere:

This got me thinking. Maybe we could use Vine in a different way - to
make music. I recorded 20 individual Vines of myself singing musical
notes with the plan to make a keyboard.

Last weekend at HackBmth, myself and my bro
@skattyadz got the chance to make this idea real. I designed the on screen keyboard and
@skattyadz did the clever stuff, linking the Vines to the computer keyboard and adding effects like distortion
and reverb. @sydlawrence also added
some essential hokery pokery towards the end.

Try it yourself

Here’s@skattyadz explaining the Vineboard

Here’s someone using it for real:

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