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Making the Trafalgar Lions Roar

"Oi geezers, can you make a lion statue in Trafalgar Square roar at passers by, or what?"

Yeah, go on then!

We worked with the wonderful people at Zero Degrees West to make this a reality - a surreptitious small black box lurking between the legs of an otherwise innocent looking lion. A remote trigger in the hands of the team allowed precision timing for maximum surprise.

Not the sort of thing you want to be seen carrying around London!

Inside the receiver were 24 volts worth of batteries, a 20 watt amplifier, some microcontroller stuff and a couple of decent car-door speakers. The trigger/receiver used 433MHZ radio to communicate with a tested range of over fifty metres.

We used the rather dapper looking box that our Webby arrived in for the case - waste not, want not!

When cranked up full, this thing got loud.

Needless to say my neighbours were less than impressed with the looping savage roar emanating from my garage for 4+ hours while testing the battery life!

Sadly I couldn't make it to the shoot on the day, but seems like Rob & Syd had fun with it:

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