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This Is All Yours

alt-J’s new album can be ‘all yours’ if you are in the right location. As a pre-launch alt-J wanted their fans to be able to listen to their new album ‘This is all yours’ for free by using geo-location. “You can unlock and listen to the tracks from the new album in selected locations across the globe, including special spots chosen by the band that are perfect for experiencing the album for the first time.”

Strange Thoughts, who we worked with before on the Mind Controlled Beer Robot, wanted us to create the map and the technology to make this work, whilst a third party made the app for them.

Remember our Rolling Stones project? We used the same technology here to enable fans to listen to the album. The world spins as it finds your location and then drops an arrow to the nearest place where you can hear the tender tones of the alt-J boys.

Just to be clear ;) we only made and designed the beautiful map... We wouldn't want to take credit for other people's work.

Sophie Barfield
  • Austria

Living in the mountains, learning technical lingo, ability to recite lyrics to Disney's Frozen, beating everyone at Soul Calibur, musical fanatic, wanabee Shakespearean.

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