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We've worked with THE ROLLING STONES! OMG!

Not just pretty lights in the shape of christmas trees and reindeer, this year Carnaby Street is adorned with huge clusters of gold vinyl records and the iconic tongue and lips logo of The Rolling Stones. To celebrate their 50th anniversary and the release of their latest album GRRR!, The Rolling Stones have taken over Carnaby Street and have set up a pop-up shop, entitled GRRR!, selling a plethora of the British rock band’s merchandise.

Picture this: You’re walking down Carnaby Street, it’s late afternoon, the sun has set and it's the kind of cold weather which feels like Christmas so you pull your coat closer around you and smile to yourself. You look around youself at the photos, artwork and album covers of The Rolling Stones from the past 50 years... what’s missing?

The soundtrack!

You want to be able to hear those rocky notes, you want more of your senses to be flooded with the world of The Rolling Stones. Well, we’ve got the solution for you. Take your smartphone out of your coat pocket and go to www.rollingstones.com - now you can listen to their latest album as you potter down the street doing a spot of Christmas Shopping.

Using geofencing, we have made it possible for you to listen to GRRR! if you are within one mile of The Rolling Stones’ pop-up shop. No need to go into the record shop and put the needle on that vinyl, or sit in one of those listening booths.

You can listen to the sound of The Stones right on your mobile phone - for free! How awesome is that? About as awesome as the fact that we've worked with THE ROLLING STONES!!!!!!

Even the man himself has endorsed it... we recieved an e-mail today saying 'Mick loves it' - Boom!

So get yourselves down to Carnaby Street over this festive period and have yourself a listen.

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