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The Golden Tablet of Akhmenrah and the awesomeness of WMAS

This is what happens when you combine the magic of the golden tablet of Akhmenrah with the awesomeness of WMAS…

Starring our very own Robman and Syd, the advertising minds at Zero Degrees West created this trailer for the release of the Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD of the Night at the Museum 3 and they asked us to add a little bit of drama. Just as in the film, we brought the lions in Trafalgar Square to life, or seemingly so to the unsuspecting tourists posing for pictures.

Using a tiny box with an amplifier, batteries, speakers and a remote trigger, WMAS spread a little magic of our own. Passers by were amazed, amused and afraid when they heard the deafening roar of the bronze lion. The prank was based on the Night of the Museum’s concept of inanimate objects coming to life. No Akhmenrah stone was used in the making of this promo video but a lot of WMAS love went into making Landseer’s lions roar.

Our little roaring box surprised not only the tourists visiting Trafalgar Square but also Paul’s neighbours as he perfected and tested the roar in his garage. We would therefore like to make a public apology to anybody in the Oxfordshire area who considered calling the RSPCA. No lions were harmed in the making of this project.

Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb is available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD - it’s almost as good as the promo video!

Sophie Barfield
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Living in the mountains, learning technical lingo, ability to recite lyrics to Disney's Frozen, beating everyone at Soul Calibur, musical fanatic, wanabee Shakespearean.

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