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Virgin contacted us asking us if we could create a hotline for The Family Rain, a band. They wanted to create a hotline for fans to ring up to hear the new single “Feel Better (Frank)” and to get a free download. They also wanted fans to tell The Family their problems.

The hotline is of course using Twilio, and then the recorded message is uploaded to SoundCloud. The
site is moderated. The message is set as being privately shared and an administrator receives an email. They then must set the track to be public before it appears on the site.

The code to upload to soundcloud was relatively painfree, but there were a few small issues which I will document here.

To get a never expiring auth token to upload to the same account, you need to add &scope=non-expiring to your connect url such as:


Another pain point we came across was that in the upload to soundcloud must be the full data for the audio, not just a url. Twilio sends us a url of the recording. We then need to store that locally and then send it back up to soundcloud


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