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Superfood Racer

Who doesn’t love an 8-bit game? Fond memories of playing Super Mario and Donkey Kong? Did you love Hungry Henry? How about 80s arcade game Out Run?

Well now there’s Superfood Racer. Jump in your car and race through a slightly surreal retro land of all things Superfood (and a couple of things WMAS - look out for our individualised number plates).

Prior to the release of Superfood’s debut album "Don’t Say That" through Infectious, they got in touch with us and said “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to have a racing game?".

So aside from designing and building the game, for the past couple of days the WMAS bat cave has been filled with the tunes of Superfood and various expletives as we battle to beat high scores. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at some of the tweets coming through about this super addictive game:

And with superfood offering…

Everybody is playing this game and tweeting about it.

So if you fancy a chance to win some prizes, beat your friends, take a trip down memory lane and while away hours listening to some awesome music and playing an awesome game then go check it out…

Superfood Racer

Sophie Barfield
  • Austria

Living in the mountains, learning technical lingo, ability to recite lyrics to Disney's Frozen, beating everyone at Soul Calibur, musical fanatic, wanabee Shakespearean.

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