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Ever wanted to strut with Lenny Kravitz (he’s pretty fucking cool) and hundreds of other instagrammers? Well now you can…

In collaboration with Lenny’s new ‘Strut’ album release we have made it possible for you to be a part of his interactive #STRUT video by posting your #lennystrut on instagram. Simply upload your video with the hashtag to instagram and watch yourself and others strut along to Lenny. Vote for your favourite struts and share with your friends.

Afraid you’re not cool enough to take part? Take some advice from the man himself…

Lenny, when talking about the name ‘strut’, said “it’s about being who you are, whatever and whoever you are. You know, we’re all freaks, we’re all different, none of us are the same, let’s be proud of who we are, be authentic”.

So go strut your funky stuff, Lenny wants to see it, even if you are a penguin…

and whilst you’re there take a moment to admire this stylish site *blows own trumpet* as we know, Lenny's got great style.

Strut here

Sophie Barfield
  • Austria

Living in the mountains, learning technical lingo, ability to recite lyrics to Disney's Frozen, beating everyone at Soul Calibur, musical fanatic, wanabee Shakespearean.

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