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Standing Novation

2 weeks ago, I went along to the 3 Beards Digital Sizzle #9 Art Hackathon that Twilio sponsored.

Prior to the event, I had an idea for something I wanted to make. I wanted to make a digital interactive wall of lights and buttons. I’ve recently been playing with a Novation Launchpad so I thought I would get in touch with them and ask them if they would be so kind as to loan me 16 of these awesome devices. \o/ Success, they said yes!

During the hackathon Robert Belgrave from Wirehive helped me out with a huge amount of moral support and keeping me sane whilst I had huge technical issues.

South Place Hotel kindly awarded Standing Novation the South Place Hotel Award and they have expressed an interest in having it as a permanent installation later on in the year.

The organiser of Hack The Barbican also loved Standing Novation so much that they asked us if we could set it up at the Hack The Barbican exhibition inside the Barbican.

Standing Novation is currently on display at the Barbican, and will be on display for the rest of this week, make sure you check it out.

After the hackathon itself, I headed off to San Francisco for a few weeks which therefore gave me a logistical nightmare. Thankfully Rob Belgrave helped out hugely and took it upon himself to make the awesome frame to keep the launchpads together and upright, without him, there is no chance in hell it would be working as well as it is currently working, so thank you Rob.

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