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snowbuddy - one week in

snowbuddy is our beautiful snow covered love child. It was born from a love of the mountains, skiing, snowboarding and having an awesome time with your friends.

The story of snowbuddy

During our second alpine company meeting, we were looking for ski apps to use on the mountain. After downloading and testing a few of the ‘top apps’, we discovered some major flaws and omissions. These apps only really tracked speed, distance and calories and although some apps give you other useful data such as resort information and weather there was a serious lack of design and fun. Constantly competing to beat yours and your friends’ top speeds is not only challenging (most people can only hit a certain top speed and can rarely exceed it, particularly on a weeks’ ski trip) but it is also dangerous. It’s not about pushing yourself to the point of losing control, it’s about riding the mountain in perfect control, and having fun while doing it. For us, being on the mountain with your mates was more about having fun. So that’s what we made snowbuddy all about.

After chatting to numerous fellow ski and snowboard enthusiasts, our friends at SkiFix and various ski and snowboard instructors over a few beers in the apres ski bar, we realised that we needed to integrate the social side of skiing and find a way to pool all those silly games you play with your mates.

January 2014 saw the first, tentative, build of snowbuddy with all the aforementioned real life snowbuddies testing, giving advice and adding challenges and fun quirks to the app. We had an awesome week on the slopes with Cristof (snowbuddy) and realised that it was just too good to keep to ourselves. So, nearly a year later, having tried, tweaked and tested the app (two of our team even moved to the Austrian mountains just to be able to test the app in action) we are absolutely over the moon, wetting our pants excited, to announce that snowbuddy is now available for YOU to download on iOS and Android.

The first week in numbers

The app has now been available for exactly one week and we are pretty stoked with how many of you are loving it. We thought we would share with you where we are at at the moment.

Our hope for snowbuddy was for 1000 people to be using it by christmas. Well we’re chuffed to say that we smashed that out of the water. You guys officially ripped the sh.it out of our dreams. After just over 48 hours the app had already been downloaded 1000 times.

We are pleased to say that right now, we’ve got over 1700 users on snowbuddy.

With it being the beginning of the season, we weren’t expecting so many people to be using it on the actual snow, and I’m sure most of the people who have downloaded it haven’t yet been able to give it a spin on the slopes. However, we’re stoked to say that there are already quite a few people using snowbuddy while on the mountain, we’ve even got some professional skiers and boarders using the app, and even some olympians which is pretty awesome.

Since launch, snowbuddy has tracked over 2000 miles of skiing / snowboarding, for a total of 66 hours.

We’ve compiled a map showing where the active users are in both the US and Europe:

Features & Reviews

We are also proud to say that snowbuddy has been covered by numerous publications, mainly in the tech sector currently, but hopefully more mainstream / snow focussed publications will cover it once the season properly begins.

So, what promo have we done so far?

We’ve not done a huge amount of marketing for the app so far, it’s mainly through our own social networks and friends of friends. We’ve seen the app spreading from friend to friend pretty well, which we are super happy with. We’ve also sent information about snowbuddy to a handful of journalists and bloggers to see what they think of the app.

Moving forwards

It’s fair to say that this is just the beginning of snowbuddy. We’ve got a lot of things we want to experiment with to try and get snowbuddy onto as many phones as possible, but ultimately we’ve also been working on the app to improve it and make it even better than it currently is. We’ve got a long list of things we want to add to the app. We’re already on v1.1 even within the first week, and hopefully v1.2 will be available by the end of the week. We’re taking on all the feedback we get and iterating on snowbuddy to make it THE BEST snowsports app around.

We are also in talks with various snowsports festivals and resorts about opportunities with them, so keep your eye out for future announcements from us :)

Let us know if you are using snowbuddy and what you think of it. We are welcoming all the feedback we can get at this stage :)

So there you have it, a summary of the first week of snowbuddy. Check it out if you haven’t already, follow cristof on twitter, or like the page on facebook to stay up to date.

snowbuddy does it better.

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