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Science proves Vine is better than Instagram

Which is best, Vine or Instagram?

Argue all you like, but there’s only one way to settle this, and that’s with a big scientific fight.

Before now, other sites compared the number of public linksto each service, and Instagram took a clear lead. No sh.it, we said.Instagram hit 130 million active users this summer, which is always going to leap ahead of a service like Vine which only launched in January. And besides, The Next Web has shown how those Topsy stats everyone was using to demonstrate Instagram’s lead aresketchy at best.

There’s a better way to compare Instagram and Vine. With a big floating


For the past month we’ve been running a little test at VineVsInstagram.com which pits them against each other to see which has the bestvideo content. In the green corner, Vine, the original micro video startup owned by Twitter. In the blue corner,Instagram and the #selfie army.

Our Vine Vs Instagram experiment randomly picks a video from each service, where you can use our patented giant hand technology to pick your favourite video. Each click acts as a vote for that platform. We make a tonne of fun sites for clients, and smashed this one out one Saturday after Tom proposed the idea, with Rob designing the whole thing by hand and Syd pulling the code together.

One month and 32,000 votes later, the results are in:


That’s 18,007 votes for Vine, compared to 14,954 for Instagram.

Vine is better than Instagram, according to our test. Or at least, the average Vine video is better than the average Instagram video. And until someone comes up with a better set of results, that’s f**king official.

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