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Say Lou Lou Tumblr Theme


If you visit the say lou lou site now, you might just think, what’s so awesome about that? Well, as it happens, if you
come back in 12 hours you will see a different site. Edd at Columbia
wanted us to make it so that people saw it differently (colours)
depending what time of day they visited.

What we’ve done is we’ve added iplocation to the site using
MaxMind, to roughly geolocate you.


We’ve then taken your very rough location and fired that over using
YQL to a weather service which then returns the sunrise and sunset

for your rough location.


Using very basic maths I’ve tried to work out how far from these times
you are and if the sun is rising or setting while you are on the page.
(Yes at times the site is grey) (and yes, there is a moment when the text is the same colour as the background, however we want to add in an
easter egg here, but at the moment we aren’t sure what, if you have any
ideas, tweet us).

You might be asking (if viewed at night) why is there a sudden flicker,
and that’s because tumblr themes are just simple html.

Have a look, let us know what you think, we think it’s simple, but
yet still quite cool.

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