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Requiem for Arctic Ice

Requiem For Arctic Ice

Yesterday morning, a string orchestra played an emotive piece of music entitled ‘Requiem for Arctic Ice’ outside Shell’s HQ in London... but why do we give a shit?

This was day one of a month long musical protest against Arctic drilling by Greenpeace. It was inspired by the famous story of the quartet continuing to play as the Titanic went down.

We quite like the Arctic and, more than that, we are pretty worried about what might happen in the future if the Arctic isn’t there anymore and we’re really hacked off that Shell are allowed to go and hunt for oil. Shell’s presence in the Arctic has high possibilities of causing an oil spill and real-life nerdy scientists say that it would be impossible to clean up an oil spill which would endanger the Arctic’s wildlife and that means that polar bears might die. Here’s some cute polar bears for you, don’t let them die:


Why do we give a shit? Because we can do something about it and so can you. Yesterday wasn’t the only time this Greenpeace commissioned orchestral music will be played. Musicians will be playing outside Shell’s HQ everyday for the next month at least. This beautiful composition will also be playing and ever evolving here music.savethearctic.org. You can help to save the baby polar bears, narwhals and people who call the Arctic their home. By reacting online to Shell’s actions you can change the sound of the music on this site and show Shell that you care. Each time you tweet, facebook, share the site or sign the petition, the music will change.

When Greenpeace got in touch and said “Hey Fuckers, can you make something awesome to spread the word about saving the arctic?”, we checked out what was going on. We watched Youtube videos of baby polar bears playing on the ice; we researched the Arctic Fox and watched documentaries about how the native people herd reindeer. Then we read the facts about Shell, the risks and dangers of oil spills and the statistics about global warming and we made this site.

We made the site, we signed the petition, we changed the sound of the music and whilst we’re not hanging ourselves off a bridge in Portland, we’re trying to do our bit. Do your bit too by going here and getting involved.

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