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Now That's What I Call a Quiz App

We're very pleased to share our latest creation, a quiz app for the people behind 'Now That's What I Call Music'.

The game is called 'Now What's That Song?', and it's the shiniest thing we've ever made. It's so shiny, you'll try to lick the sugar off. You can find it on the iOS app store for free right now.

Now What's That Song logo

The premise is simple: fast-fingered pop fans have to guess the song and beat the clock to win coins. Players who earn a stack of coins can buy extra song packs from loads of genres, but be warned: this game is addictive. The only thing that could tempt us away from the screen is our next gameā€¦ but that's another story.

Go ahead and download the app, and if you like that, take a look at other apps we've made.

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