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Guest Post from Matt Lee: Keith Richards Plaque #2

Matt Lee went on a mission to unlock the second Keith Richards song. This is his story...

Keith Richards Plaque #2

I have Chris Koenig to thank for the motivation.... he titled an email "Matt Lee you are on assignment" while I was still at work in London Bridge. The title got my attention but when I read the message I thought, no way, someone will have done it by the time I get there, so I carried on working. By the time I was finishing work the track still hadn't been unlocked and google's travel time estimate had now dropped below 40 minutes.

Then as I actually left the office, google said it would only take 32 minutes. I was tempted. I checked again and the world was still waiting. I thought bugger it, I never shy away from a Stones related adventure so I jumped in the car. In my mind I was still going to be beaten but worst case I was likely to end up meeting someone who shares the same passion. What was the downside?

I shaved google by 4 minutes taking the racing line on some deserted roundabouts, causing my satnav to change orientation as the car leaned like a yacht on the high sea. Pulling up there were a couple of smokers outside the pub almost opposite but the street was otherwise deserted.

Logging back into the site the track was still unlocked, I couldn't believe it. My heart was now racing, reading the plaque I read "Substance1" as that made a lot more sense than "Substant1", plus it was dark, and I'm dyslexic. I had to fiddle with my location services to allow the map point to turn gold and then I typed in "Substance1" rejection :-( Checking the plaque again, I realised my error and quickly tried again! Boom, I was in and Substantial Damage started playing. It was an amazing feeling to have released the music to the world and to be listening to it first.

"Your destination is on the right" - OMG, No! The moment was ruined by the navigation voice who would not shut up! Fumbling around in an attempt to turn off the sat nav I closed down my private world premiere of Substantial Damage live from rainy Dartford England. Gutted!

Luckily my self restraint prevented me from inflicting substantial damage on my phone and I returned to the shelter of the car and calmly enjoyed the track while looking at the plaque. Just time for a quick selfie with the plaque and it was back in the car with a big smile on my face to get home.

Mission accomplished, I could return the car safely to Q branch.

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