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London Fashion Week AwesomeWall

Huge achievement tick, gold stars all round and a victory dance.

Ok, maybe we're a bit too excited about this and we wouldn't fit in with the cool cucumbers at London Fashion Week, but we are party-in-our-pants-excited that London Fashion Week have now used AwesomeWall twice. Not just in a small, stick it on a little computer in the corner way, in a huge 8 foot tall screen in the courtyard way. Boom!

Using the hashtag #LFW, VIPS, models, fashion designers and normal people could all tag their favourite London Fashion Week pictures to appear on the wall. Even Alexa Chung was hashtagging away - FACT!

The AwesomeWall enabled those outside the event and those not sitting next to Alexa Chung, a chance to get a little sneaky look at the goings-on inside, including backstage images and catwalk shots.

We haven't been this excited since AwesomeWall was at Glastonbury!

You should definitely get AwesomeWall for your next event; it's what all the cool kids are doing.

Sophie Barfield
  • Austria

Living in the mountains, learning technical lingo, ability to recite lyrics to Disney's Frozen, beating everyone at Soul Calibur, musical fanatic, wanabee Shakespearean.

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