We Make Awesome Sh

Limited edition business cards

Made from 600gsm of tactile, sumptuous Mohawk Superfine paper, these limited edition business cards will be the envy of your friends.

An undoubtable collectors item, the We Make Awesome Sh key holders and founding members of the We Make Awesome Sh exclusive, private, by invitation only members club, are the only known people to hold all 24 exclusive styles.

Hours of research, design, craftsmanship and creativity are clearly evident in these classic and timeless pieces of art. It is believed that each of the enigmatic key holders designed and created one of these unique signature items.

Each card spells the company's acronym 'WMAS' from imaginatively chosen everyday items. If you are lucky enough to receive a business card, you may find yourself admiring these four letters created from socks, toothpaste, nuts and bolts, petals or even marmite spread on toast (see below for a sneak peak at all the styles). On the reverse side, you will find a beautiful portrait of Keith, the We Make Awesome Sh cat, along with information as to how to directly contact the members of We Make Awesome Sh.

These 88mm x 59mm stamps of social status, will make sure you are well connected.

Exclusively available by personal delivery only.

Rumour has it, all members of We Make Awesome Sh will be at ADE in a few weeks' time, so if you are really keen to get your hands on one of these collectors items, you might want to try your luck there.


A sneak peek of all 24 styles:

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