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La Roux hotline

La Roux released her new video for ‘Kiss and not tell’ and we helped to make it a little bit more awesome and a little bit more naughty.

La Roux and her team have channeled '80s sex hotlines in the new video with Elly starring in the chat line infomercial.

MTV said “That number in the 'Kiss And Not Tell' video? It's real.”

Yeah it is MTV and we made it real with a little bit of help from Twilio!!

By calling the number shown throughout the video you get through to voice recordings of Elly telling you “You’re through to the ‘Kiss And Not Tell’ hotline, Press 1 to get down. Press 2 to leave a cheeky message. Be careful what you say — these recordings can and will be shared.”

Go on… give it a go…. You know you want to!

Call +44-155-728-0014

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