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Find the plaque, unlock the track to Keith Richards' crosseyed heart

Alright there, Keith here from We Make Awesome Sh. We’ve just launched this thing for Keith Richards, you know the one who should be dead from The Rolling Stones and I thought, since we share the same name ‘Keith’ then I might do this blog post and tell you about it cos us Keiths have got to stick together and this Keith, well, he’s a legend, he’s like the king of all Keiths. Also, this web app we've done is pretty cool.

So the people who work for Keith Richards, Virgin EMI, they got in touch with us and they asked us to make this web app for Keith ‘cos he’s got a new album coming out called ‘Crosseyed Heart’. Bit of a funny name if you ask me, but there you go.

Story goes that there are four plaques being placed around London and South West England and that each one of them has something to do with Keith’s early life. Now, you could just go and have a walk around and look at these plaques just to find out more about him but we’ve made something to make a walk a bit more exciting.

When you’re on your walk, and please don’t take your cat with you I hate those f**ing leads for cats, stand right by the plaque and get your phone out. Go to crosseyedheart.com (it's written on the plaque) and press the start button. If you’re at the right place, and the website knows so you can’t lie about it, then you’ll get a notification saying that you’ve found a new location and you’ll be asked for the password. These passwords are written on the actual plaques. Once you’ve put the password in then you can start playing a song from Keith’s new album and you’ll be the first person to hear it. Nice.

Then, everyone will be able to listen to it on the website and you’ll be a hero too. You can only unlock a track once so, you’ve got to get off your arses and get out there to be the first person to find the plaque because there’s prizes to be won if you do! The first one has already been unlocked, so you're too late to win that one, but you can see where it is and listen to it now on the site.

crosseyed heart site

Also if you’re loving say, song one, and you really want to hear song two and nobody’s unlocked it yet then it’s down to you to go out and find that plaque! If you follow @officialkeef on Twitter - that’s Keith Richards, not me, then you’ll see some clues as to where you can find the plaques so yeah you should do that. The clues will direct you to a new plaque each week.

We made this whole map thing where you can see where the unlocked plaques are and also where it knows if you’re at the right location using a thing called Landmrk. I’ve been told to plug this tool because it’s a thing we’re making in collaboration with our mates at Strange Thoughts and it’s a tool that you can buy from us basically and use for your own map thing so you should do that.

That’s me done then, I’m off for a fag because I saw somewhere on the internet that for every cigarette you smoke, God takes an hour away from your life and gives it to Keith Richards and I think that’s a pretty worthy cause. Laterz.

Keith Richards cigarette

Forgot to say, if you're interested, we made this for The Rolling Stones a few years back.

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