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Hungry Henry

Believe it or not, we’ve gone and made a game. A real game, full of real pixels and noises. It’s been like giving birth, but to a hippo that eats humans.

That sounds weird, but stick with us. It’ll get a lot weirder.

Hungry Henry is our first ever solo game, built in just one week. It’s the 8-bit adventure of a hippo who eats people while they float down a river. Don’t ask why they’re floating down a river, or why Henry eats people and not grass like other normal hippos. He’s not normal, he’s ours, and has his own theme song. Not bad for a digital herbivore.

You can even buy a moustache for Henry… we all know Hippos look better with a moustache and monocle.

You can get Hungry Henry for free on iOS right now.

  • 16-colour graphics!
  • Full-tilt control action!
  • Monophonic music across 16 notes!
  • Hippos!


If you can write lyrics for the Hungry Henry theme song, post them in a 5-star review for the app and you could win a very special WMAS-flavoured prize. Not in a sweaty way, but in a fun digital way. Or just do a review anyway, because you’re a mate, and what mate wouldn’t give us five-stars?


There's no point us telling you how good it is, check out some of these quotes we've received, most of them haven't even played the game:

"For the sake of clarity and pedantry: hippos don't usually eat people. They're mostly herbivorous and just pick fights with humans because they're angry, they’re big and they can. Other than this game being factually inaccurate, it's a lot of fun"
Paul King, Involved in the making of Hungry Henry.

"I have a phobia of hippos and fast moving water. This app hasn't helped with either of those, but it it is a lot of fun!"
Rob Hampson, involved in the making of Hungry Henry

"Hungry Henry is so much fun, it's more fun than a bouncy castle! A++++ Will Make Again"
Syd Lawrence, involved in the making of Hungry Henry

"Quite possibly the best 8-bit hippo themed eating game you'll play this year."
Tom Gibby, involved in the making of Hungry Henry

"It's an anger management class in game form. I enjoyed it so much I broke my screen"
@steveworkman on Twitter

"Even before playing Hungry Henry, I was full of excitement"
@drewisthe on Twitter

'Hungry Henry is the Citizen Kane of "games I might play"'
@newnab on Twitter

"The only video game to win three Michelin stars."
@greggyb on Twitter

"Hungry! You'll be ravenous for more of this!"
@RobWMayPhoto on Twitter

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