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Yesterday I found myself in an incredibly sunny Bournemouth for a hack
day organised by @skattyadz and
@jonginn, aptly named HackBmth! Here’s how the event was described:

"What would happen if you put Bournemouth’s creatives in one room, for one day?" That’s HACKBMTH. That’s it. There’s no theme, no goal, and no pressure. It’s a chance to make on that thing you’ve had in the back of your mind, to try something new, and to learn off each other.

As soon as I walked through the door at 10 amI had a great feeling. The
room was already buzzing with about 30 - 40 people discussing their
ideas for the day. Lots of interesting hardware scattered the place. It
was exciting to imagine how things might end up at the show and tell.

After a quick intro
got hacking. It was awesome looking around seeing people work on weird
and wonderful things just for the hell of it. Every now and then I’d
take a walk and see what people were up to. It was a great chance to
chat tech and learn about stuff from friendly people.

Anyway, the show and tell soon rolled around. Here’s what people got up
to. I’ve tried to link credits to Twitter where possible and I hope I
haven’t missed anyone:

Vineboard byMeand@skattyadz\
A keyboard with effects powered by individually pre recorded Vines.

Balloon Animal Maker by@jonginn\ Magically make balloon animals with the help of Leap Motion.

Mind Controlled Beer Pourer by@Phishtitzand John\
Magically pour beer just using your brain!

A Time Telling Hat by Sean\ This hat wiggles on the hour so you know the time.

Twitter Account RSS Feeds by@KayraAlat\
Kayra learnt Django and made RSS feeds from twitter accounts.

Lazyweb bot by@tombuildsstuff\
A bot that automagically answers questions through twitter.

YouTube/Soundcloud mixer by Adam\ Load your tracks up and get mixing!

Cat party by@alexbrookey\ Turn any site instantly into a cat party

Magic Coffee Cup by Chris\ Put your cup on a device that likes NFC and boom!

NFC car registration reader by@JammyClarkie\
Tappity tap and your car deets appear - handy!

Leap Motion Laser Fingers by@andytouch\
Shoot stuff with your hands.

Polargraph line drawing machine by Mark\ A thing that draws things using things made by a 3D printer

ETAJourneyPlannerby @phil\ Phil’s first android app built and pushed to Google Play.Get it

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