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All work and no play makes the shitters sad boys. So when we were offered the chance to mix work and play we thought ‘hey why the fuck not let’s go to Glasto and make some awesome sh.it along the way’.

So we took our AwesomeWalls on a little trip to Glastonbury.

What we did (the work bit): Installed AwesomeWalls, a live feed of social media content being shared by Glastonbury festival attendees, around the Sonic screens in Silver Hayes. This included the branding and graphics which we also changed up for Silver Saturday. Along side the social content we also displayed the line up for the various stages around Silver Hayes, so that between artists the festival goers could work out where they needed to be to see their favourite artists.

The screens were running all morning until the first artist came on stage, between acts, and after the last artist had played in the evening.

For a demo of what the screens looked like, click here

What we did (the play bit): Peace before the Glastonbury hoards arrived as we got to know the site and how the festival worked. Then the festival itself kicked off and Rob became… Robman partying hard with the likes of Lars Ulrich and Bradley Cooper. Paul popped backstage to watch Lianne La Havas….

who, the previous night, he had politely asked “sorry who are you?” as she was hanging out near the wemakeawesomesh.it camp.

Our mate Steve, on the other hand, was brought along to do a different kind of networking; the setting up technical kind, not the making friends kind and spent his entire week planning his exit strategy.

Gibby had to make a b-line for the closest wellie shop with a little bit of help from Paul who had to piggyback him across the mud.

And not content with being surrounded by mud, Syd decided it was about time he ate the stuff… mmmmmm… tasty nutella crepe for breakfast… booo… nutella crepe on the ground smothered in mud….. nutella and mud crepe.. om nom nom… gritty.

Highlights all round? Skrilex rocking with his spaceship.

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