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Don't Touch My Face - The Experiment

Meet Bob:

Don't Touch My Face Screenshot

Bob, like many other people, does not like his face being touched. We thought we would conduct a psychological experiment to see if we could help Bob out. Here’s what we found:


Aim: Don’t touch my face

Method: Don’t touch my face – no seriously – don’t touch my face!

Ok here’s the design bit
And the tech bit (yeah - they’re both the same - that's how we roll!)

Results: The researchers (us here at wemakeawesomesh) found that 99.91% of people did touch Bob’s face. Only 9.344% of people touched the ‘magic nose’. Interestingly, the right nostril was far more popular than the left nostril. The researchers (us) also found that the eye was the most popular target with 33.28% of visitors touching Bob’s eye.

Conclusion: We concluded that don’t touch my face was a failure; people did touch Bob’s face!

Evaluation: This was a computer study which means it can easily be replicated and the experiment can gather quantitative data, which can easily be analysed (note the results – there’s more – the right eye was also touched more than the left eye!) The study has low ecological validity – in real life, Bob would probably walk away/poke your face before you actually manage to make his eye bleed.

Sorry Bob – we tried!

Don’t touch my (Bob’s) face by going to donttouchmyface.com

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