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Corporate communications bulletin - Harlem Shake Roulette

Good evening and welcome to a special bulletin from the corporate
communications team working with business development. We have done some
careful analysis on the Harlem Shake
project to ascertain the


This is how it all began.



2nd Full day of trading

Today has been our best day yet, with just over25,000*uniques*on
today alone.

We are closing the day on almost2.2 Million*reach*across the
twitter webs.

Almost850have been lured into our trap of amazon affiliates. So far
we have a total income of around\$3. As discussed in our shareholder
meeting, all income will be spent on lottery tickets.

Economic Worth

Our economic worth is a substantial-11,843*(GBP)*. As you can
see we are doing our very best at ruining the economy, we have been
keeping the general public entertained for a total of


Consumer Engagement

Inside the garden of facebook2203entertained people posted the site
on their wall in a conscious effort to annoy their friends with such a
waste of bandwidth.*\

Over on the twitstream1369twitterers tweeted the link.*\

My inbox ismore fullthan ever.


With more than150video submissions from the likes
ofMcDonalds,Ministry of Sound,Discovery
,Capcomand100sof digital agencies.

To keep track of stats we built a simple ego tool,which you can view

And a simple tool to send me an SMS when certain levels are reached,
using Twilio(obviously).


What worked?

Jumping on a meme straight away

Getting people to submit their video by email.

We thought, we made, we ‘launched’

What didn’t work?

Using our main email as the submission email

Youtube playlist didn’t scale easily.

Both of these were only problems because it was reasonably popular.

It wasn’t mainstream enough.


All though some fans

prematurely awarding us

Paul Lamere is still winning the internets of the 21st century award.

Who knows, maybe this meme isn’t dead yet. And perhaps somehow we will
manage to flog a dead horse, disguised as a lasagne.

Personally, I feel sorry to those whose time we have wasted, but at
least they were entertained.

On a serious note, thanks to everyone who visited / tweeted / shared etc the website, we are pleased you like it, and we are sorry for helping you to procrastinate.

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