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Awesome sh.it? Awesome website!

Dogs running on the beach - tongues lolling, the trademark wemakeawesomesh.it cat asleep on the floor, a bear doing the harlem shake, Saturday night beaver, Kylie Minogue and thats just the home page of the awesome new WMAS website.


The boys have done it again; the wemakeawesomesh.it website has evolved. Quantum leaps have been made since Syd conjured up the first website for the company whilst sat on a flight back from Sydney Music Hack Day and lets face it, we love him as a developer and all round awesome guy, but hes no Rob Hampson when it comes to design.

This sleek new design incorporates the world of animals, music, dance and computer gaming. Wellwhat did you expect?!

Check out the new website for all the latest on us, our projects and gif interpretations of the companies principals.


The website is also open source, with all code hosted
at github, so feel free to have a squiz at it or pinch a couple of our ideas. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a cat burglar, we will be covering some of the tech and open sourcing the plugins we created in due course.

We hope you like it, let us know over on Twitter what you think of it! And you know what, if you don’t like it… then screw you.

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