We Make Awesome Sh

And then there were 5 (& Mia)

One Month Ago

  • @sydlawrence: Hey Rob, wanna join us for chat about making awesome sh.it?
  • @robhampson: Sure, sounds sweet

The Following Monday - Google Hangout with Team (The closest thing we have to an interview)

  • @wemakeawesomesh: So here we are, ready to meet the team rob?\
  • @robhampson: Sure, I’m ready, I’m wearing a wig and some glasses\
  • @wemakeawesomesh: You’re hired, welcome to the team\


  • @robhampson: hai guise I’m ready, what do you want me to prettify?\
  • @sydlawrence:\
  • @nrocy\
  • @robhampson\
  • @skattyadz\
  • @adverplanner\

Welcome to the team @robhampson!

To Celebrate

Due to this, I’m afraid we will all be spending today in the pub.

If you need us, come to the pub, we’ll be at the Mucky Duck in

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