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20 Years Of Placebo

Placebo catalogue is soon available on streaming services worldwide

For the first time EVER, Placebo’s back catalogue will be available on streaming services worldwide including Spotify, Rdio, Deezer and Beats. And the most exciting part?? We got to make a single page web app to announce it!

Needless to say the Bat Cave has been full of the sounds of teenage angst as we revisited ‘Pure Morning’ better know as ‘A friend in need’ and remembered just how cool we were in the 90s!! We also discovered ‘Too Many Friends’ from their latest album, which includes the lyric "My computer thinks I'm gay/ I threw that piece of junk away"... ‘nuff said.

Placebo’s web app presents blurry album artwork from the last 20 years of Placebo - actually 19 years, as this site marks the beginning of a two year period of celebratory retrospective activity. A countdown on each album artwork tells you when you can start streaming the album; the first of these being the eponymous seminal first album, which, at the time of writing, will be available to stream in 4 days and 22 hours. When the countdown is complete, simply click the player and listen to the "raw, punky guitar riffs" of which we are all so familiar.

So what are you waiting for? Well apart from the countdown clocks! http://placeboworld.co.uk/

How the site looks

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