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The Battle of the Popstars

Last week saw the biggest pop battle since Take That and *NSYNC. The two biggest tween acts fighting it out over an album launch to see who would get to #1.

As you might have already seen, the peeps behind One Direction got in touch with us and asked if we could help them win this almighty battle and beat the Canadian popstar to the #1 slot.

It was a full on battle with both sides pipping each other at the end of each day. Fans kept coming back to the Made In The AM room to see what new goodies they could get and when heart throb Liam tweeted about the site, an influx of admirers crowded into the space and exclaimed their excitement on Twitter:

More than 10,000,000 steps have been taken around the room with over 3,000,000 object clicks. There have been over 1,000,000 sessions and for those of you who understand this kind of thing a 4.2% bounce rate meaning almost every visitor made some kind of interaction. Whopping great stats!

Did we do it? Did we manage to win the battle? Boom yeah, we did!!

Everyone involved rallied up as much support as they could get, and One Direction went on to become the victor. Beating Bieber by a mere 3000 album sales to take the spot as #1 Album in the UK Chart.

We are all pretty happy about it.

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